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Noel was found after giving birth to a little of pups along a heavily traveled road just before Christmas.  So Noel and all the little reindeer came to stay with us.  Noel was recovering from surgery to remove the collar that was embedded in her neck.   What a trouper this girl was.  She raised those pups and trusted us enough to allow herself to be cared for.  Noel more about Noel
We think Ash is an English Shepard.  Ash was rescued by a good Samaritan who found him wandering along a heavily traveled road.  He appeared to have been living on the road for some time.  Must have angered someone as we found embedded pellets in his skin. Ash loves a good game of chuckit and any attention he can get.   Ash has been neutered and was treated for heart worm. more about Ash
Boots is an extraordinary dog.  He will be a great athlete.  Check out his video.  This was Boots very first FlyBall Box Turn lesson.  It only took one hotdog and 1/2 cheese stick to convince him that getting on the box was a good thing.  Many dogs take weeks to learn this much, and Boots could do it within 10 minutes.  Boots also shows his Border Collie herding more about Boots
Albert is a very earnest dog.  He wants so much to be friendly but he is reluctant to trust.  Albert has come a long way from that soft eyed dog sitting in the back of a shelter kennel shaking.  He still doesn't trust people to be nice but he still tries to trust. His dog friend at the farm, Noel, has been through the same distrust problem.  She is helping him to relax and more about Albert
Coco needs a new mom to love and care for.  His elderly mom died and left him without a family.  He gets along with all the big dogs fine.  He loves to play but is a little tired of being just a speed bump for those big dogs.  He is a very nice well mannered little fella who is a great lap sitter, bed warmer, and just all around fun fella.  Coco is a small dog but he is more about Coco